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If you have a small blog, business or hobby website, then you might consider shared hosting because it is the most affordable.

Our HostAdvice experts can help you learn what shared hosting is, and its pros and cons. With our help, it won’t be any problem at all to find a reliable shared hosting provider.

For those who already know they need a reliable shared host, our hosting advice experts researched to find the best shared hosting providers for you.

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$2.95 / MO
Money Back: 45 Days
Free domain
"FastComet is fastest apache webserver"– Masbo Webmaster
"Exceptional Service"– Melissa M
"Excellent hosting & support!"– CRAIG MACKAY

Expert Overview :
Ilya Hazanov Ilya Hazanov: If you are looking for fast, high quality, and very affordably priced shared hosting, then FastComet is a great choice. FastComet is one of the fastest growing, yet still lesser known, web hosting providers, but this is changing now, as more and more people report on their great experience with them. Your site will be super-fast with their SSD-only disk storage, free Cloudflare CDN, and worldwide server locations.

With FastComet shared hosted you get unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases. You will also get premium 24/7 support, 1-Click backup & free restore, and their free custom web application security firewall. Read More

$3.92 / MO
Money Back: Anytime
"Awesome support!"– Eugene van der Watt
"Great support team"– Dorothy L
"A2hosting Support"– Putta p g chandra babu

Expert Overview :
Craig Timmins Craig Timmins: A2 Hosting offers both Linux and MS Windows based shared hosting at very reasonable prices. Both options run on their fast and reliable SwiftServer platform with RAID-10 Storage and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. All plans include free Cloudflare CDN and the software, tools, and databases you need for you web site. You also have access to a variety of statistics and monitoring programs.

1-Click Setup makes it simple to install your favorite applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, and many others. A2 Hosting’s free HackScan Protection keeps your site safe and their 24x7 support is always available to help with any questions or issues. Read More

$3.95 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
"Excellent tech and customer service team A1++"– Russell O'Sullivan
"Lilia is Life!"– Taylor Black
"Great Support"– Onur YILMAZ

Expert Overview :
Idan Cohen Idan Cohen: SiteGround is dedicated to providing their customers with a simple platform for powerful hosting solutions. Their shared hosting options are affordable, yet still very high quality. They don’t oversell the servers, and the resources you will have access to are very reliable.

You’ll also Benefit from the Following Features:
• cPanel & SSH Access
• Daily Backup of Shared Servers
• CloudFlare CDN Read More

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$2.95 / MO
Money Back: 45 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: If you are looking for a fast and secure home for your website, at an affordable price and with reliable 24/7 support, then ChemiCloud is the best choice for you.
Due to their low-density servers, premium hardware, and multiple server locations, your site will load faster than ever.

You’ll also Benefit from the Following Features:
Free Daily Backups, Free Domain, Free Let’s Encrypt SSL and Free Website Transfer Read More

$4.50 / MO
Money Back: 60 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Angela Olaru Angela Olaru: All of Hostwinds’ shared hosting plans are aggressively priced and include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and MySQL databases. All of their servers use the modern Lightspeed webserver for fast and reliable performance.

The shared hosting plans at Hostwinds also include the latest version of cPanel for managing your domains, free nightly backups, and the Softaculous software for simple installation of most popular applications. You can monitor the usage and health of your server with the server logs and statistics reporting, and you can contact the excellent 24x7 technical support for any questions or issues that may arise. Read More

Server Locations Dallas Seattle
$2.95 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Ilya Hazanov Ilya Hazanov: Since HostPapa focuses on hosting services for small businesses, they offer a lot of free help, training, and support, such as a 30-minute One-On-One Dedicated Session with a HostPapa Expert to get you started, weekly webinars, and 24/7/365 multilingual support.

HostPapa shared hosting plans offer everything that you need to build and maintain your website. You get a free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, and free server firewall and intrusion monitoring. You can install over 200 free applications, such as WordPress, and you can choose between several levels of performance enhancement. You also get the easy to use HostPapa website builder. Read More

Server Locations Toronto
$1.45 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Michael Lavnduski Michael Lavnduski: Hostinger has several affordable high-quality shared web hosting plans. Starting with "Single Web Hosting" plan, dedicated for one-site projects and ending with a "Business Web Hosting" plan for multi-site, high volume traffic and quickly growing businesses. Hostinger is known for providing Premium product and service for one of the lowest prices in the industry. There are plenty of quality features, high-speed performance, and brilliant live support. Definitely worth a try. Read More

$2.99 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan: Hostens’ shared hosting services are some of the cheapest out there, and great for someone who has a small blog, business, or hobby website. The company’s most affordable plan is just $.99 a month when you sign up for two years.
All their shared plans come with daily and weekly backups, a 99.95% uptime guarantee, minimum of 15 GB disk space, and email accounts.
As soon as you pay, you can start using the service. With an easy installation tool, it makes it simple for anyone to use regardless of their skills. With a thirty-day free trial and responsive technical support, Hostens comes with decent features for such a low price. Read More

$2.95 / MO
Money Back: 60 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: TMDHosting has been offering high quality shared hosting services since 2007. The company uses only high-end hardware in their US, Netherlands and Singapore data centers, which will help ensure visitors get fast speeds at all times. Their prices are very reasonable and include quality shared hosting for any type of site, making them perfect for entry level or mid-sized sites.

You’ll also Benefit from the Following Features:
• Shared Hosting includes Solid State Drives
• Free SpamExperts Protection
• Perpetual Domain Included Read More

$5.00 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan: No matter what type of web hosting you are looking for, InterServer has an appropriate plan for you. InterServer offers three different shared hosting plans:

• Standard Linux
• MS Windows
• Manged Wordpress

They are all reasonably priced with fixed configurations, including unlimited RAID-10 data storage and unlimited data transfer. For email, they all include unlimited email accounts and email forwarders, WebMail access, and spam filtering. You also get free scripts for installing popular applications (varies according to the plan).

All InterServer shared hosting plans include additional speed optimizations, including 10GB Cisco network, free Cloudflare CDN, and SSD caching servers. They also include free backups, 24x7 support, and a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Read More

Server Locations Secaucus Los Angeles
$3.99 / MO
Money Back: 90 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Yuriy Gandyak Yuriy Gandyak: InMotion shared hosting is tailored for both new and existing business websites. Their plans are very affordable and are loaded with free features including fast SSD disk drives, unlimited email with spam protection, free backups, and easy integration of Google Apps and Gmail. You also get over 400 free scripts for installing the most popular applications and you can choose to have WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop pre-installed for you when you place your order. InMotion customer support is US-based and available 24x7x365.

If you are building a new website, there are a lot of nice free extras to help you with that, such as free domain registration, drag-and-drop website builder (including theme collections), and free marketing content and photos. Read More

Server Locations Los Angeles Herndon

Shared web Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

Like an apartment building divided into apartments then rented out to multiple tenants, web hosting service's divide a shared web server's disk space up into discrete units, selling these accounts to website owners for monthly fees.

The web hosting service is responsible for administering the server, including configuring services, keeping the operating system and other software up-to-date, securing the server, detecting and fixing problems ideally before the customers notice.

If you're an individual or small business person who's website isn't mission-critical and doesn't get a lot of traffic, then shared hosting's likely a good fit. A shared web hosting account's sufficient for most individuals, organizations, and small businesses.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

  • Cost-effective: Shared hosting's the most cost-effective way to host your website.
  • Newbie friendly: Nearly all shared hosting plans include a web hosting control panel, usually cPanel, enabling non-technical users to manage their web hosting services.
  • Managed server: The hosting service manages the server, maintaining the hardware, configuring the services, updating the software, keeping the server secure, and fixing problems, all so you can focus on your own website rather than getting bogged down in server minutia.
  • Up and running fast: The hosting service has already spun the server up, installed all the necessary server software (e.g., web server packages), and installed a control panel. The hosting service provides a platform designed for shared hosting customers to get their sites up fast.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  • Website performance: Since shared hosting customers share server resources, the performance of a website hosted on a shared server's affected by the other websites hosted on the server. If the hosting service puts too many customers on your shared server or if you're sharing a server with a high-traffic website, your site will likely load slower probably during peak hours when you want your site to respond fast.
  • Little control: The hosting company controls the server, never granting root (administrative) access to shared hosting customers, limiting the configuration and software options to a standard set of technology stacks available to shared hosting customers.

Do I need shared hosting?

  • If you're a hobbyist or small business person who's website isn't mission-critical and doesn't get a lot of traffic, then shared hosting's likely a good choice. A shared web hosting account's sufficient for most individuals, organizations, and small businesses.
  • If you expect your website to get fewer than 100,000 page views per day, then shared hosting will likely work fine for you. If your site does more than 3 or 4 database queries each time it renders a page, then the number of page views per day your shared hosting can comfortably handle may be lower.
  • Once you start approaching 100,000 pageviews or you see your site's performance start to degrade, it's time to start thinking about cloud hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, or even  dedicated server hosting.
  • A slow website can scare away customers, and it affects your Google Pagerank. As of July 9, 2018, Google has started using page speed in mobile search ranking. Shared hosting's great but it's crucial to monitor the logs in cPanel, tracking your site's metrics, switching plans before you redline your shared hosting.

What should I look for in a Shared Hosting service?

  • A strong Service Level Agreement (SLA): Hosting plans should come with an SLA that specifies a guaranteed uptime expressed as an annual percentage of at least 99%, delineating reimbursement for site owners if uptime falls short. You'll sometimes find the SLA in the Terms of Service.
  • Control panels: Confirm that your web hosting package includes the cPanel web hosting control panel as it's it's by far the most popular hosting control panel.
    Select a plan that includes cPanel and you can move your hosting to nearly any web hosting service you choose without missing a beat.
    The only time you would want to choose a hosting package that included a control panel other than cPanel would be if you need Windows hosting (e.g. if you use ASP.NET). Plesk is the most popular web panel for Windows hosting.
  • Good technical support: More important than whether support's available 24/7 is how responsive and helpful the support reps are when you contact them. Good support makes all the difference when something goes wrong.
    Chat and trouble tickets are great, but occasionally you're going to want to talk to someone helpful on the phone.

To help you choose a hosting service with good support, read lots of hosting reviews and try to test the technical support yourself by contacting them through chat and by phone.

Summary of 2019’s Best Shared Hosting:

Rank Web Host Monthly Price Range Expert Overview User Ratings
1 FastComet $2.95 - $9.95 "Quality Hosting Provider"
2 A2 Hosting $3.92 - $10.78 "Pros:"
3 SiteGround $3.95 - $11.95 "Sitreground Shared Hosting Prices:"
4 ChemiCloud $2.95 - $9.95 N/A
5 Hostwinds $4.50 - $6.50 "Pros:"
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